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How winning MVNOs embrace digital transformation

JSC Ingenium attended as sponsor, guest speaker and panellist in the round table of MVNO Nation event "Tackling Digital MVNO" Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs) can offer a broad sweep of innovative services on top of the core network, from light reseller...

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“How MVNOs should approach 5G in 2022/23”

Re-watch Ali’s presentation “How MVNOs should approach 5G in 2022/23”, that took place at the “Tackling 5G implementations” conference organized by MVNO Nation on November 24.“Tackling 5G implementations”How MVNOs should approach 5G in 2022/23: The challenges and...

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MVNOs in the 5G era: “Tackling 5G implementations”

JSC Ingenium addresses the challenges and opportunities that 5G represents for MVNOs at the "Tackling 5G implementations" conference organized by MVNO Nation JSC Ingenium attends as a sponsor and guest speaker in the new virtual forum MVNO Nation “Tackling 5G...

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