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The increased competition from over-the-top applications has driven the momentum of VoLTE, which can offer high capacity and low latency service as defined by 3GPP.
JSC Ingenium has the flexibility, creativity, and vision to enable communication service providers to transform their mobile network to support the rapid introduction of all IP converged voice and messaging services based on IMS.

Advantages of JSC Ingenium IMS Network

JSC Ingenium has powerful integration capabilities and product knowledge to ensure successful end-to-end delivery of VoLTE Service

The JSC Ingenium solution is the most optimal choice for service providers who want to offer VoLTE in a more cost-effective and future-oriented fashion

Solution Architecture

The Solution is built on SIP technology, and its wide range of added features and terminal agnostic approach makes this VoLTE solution a mandatory element in existing Mobile core networks:
JSC Ingenium - Technology: VoLTE IMS network


JSC Ingenium’s Telephony Application Server (TAS) is a standards-based, highly scalable product that provides real-time voice services and supplementary services over any IMS-enabled IP access network like 5G, LTE, and Wifi, including HD one to one calling and call conferencing.
JSC Ingenium’s TAS is designed to enable seamless mobility, service continuity, and consistency with the legacy 2G/3G mobile network.

Main functions and features:

  • 3GPP TS 24.229 compliant IMS Application Server.
  • GSMA IR.92 Supplementary Services.
  • Flexible IMS User Profile Management via Sh Interface (3GPP 29.364 compliant).
  • Multi-tenancy support.
  • Powerful Service Creation Environment.


JSC Ingenium VoLTE IMS solution provides 3GPP compliant CSCF functions.
  • The Proxy-CSCF is the first contact point within the VoLTE IMS network, providing key features like:
    • Topology Hiding.
    • Screening of SIP signaling.
    • Authentication selection.
    • Registration of different types of clients in IMS core network.
    • Emergency Services.
    • Call Release.
    • QoS Packet Marking.
    • IPv6/v4 support and translation.
  • I-CSCF is a contact point within a VoLTE IMS network for all connections destined to a subscriber of the CSP:
    • Assign an S-CSCF based on received capabilities from the HSS.
    • Transit network call routing function.
  • The brain of the VoLTE IMS, JSC Ingenium’s S-CSCF complies with 3GPP specifications, that acts as a SIP registrar in the IMS network and generates charging records for call session setups.


The SBC is the core of the VoLTE IMS, where it provides the underlying functions for media and signaling security, access management, and routing and policy management. The SBC also provides a suite of functionality to address service access needs for any VoIP network


JSC Ingenium’s IP-SM-GW function enables flexible and policy-driven IP messaging application server with intelligent routing and multiple domain delivery capabilities that provides a complete suite of messaging services on a single platform. The IP-SM-GW product is standard compliant and smoothly interwork with legacy SMS service. Applying the same business logic makes the integration between SMS and Instant messaging seamless.