JSC Ingenium: Extending the Mobile Core

Best practices to manage sunsetting 2G and 3G network infrastructure

With 4G/5G maturing, it’s time for CSPs to focus on network modernisation. Read our last post and download for free the latest Gartner report with recommendations for managing the transition.

Truly cloud-native VoLTE/IMS

As legacy 2G and 3G networks are being shut down, VoLTE and VoNR become crucial to the continuity of voice services and the commercialisation of 5G – particularly 5G SA


New system designed to speed up and simplify MVNOs’ support tasks to the maximum when identifying the root cause of incidents

5G: Towards hyperelastic networks

5G will allow us to have hyper-versatile and absolutely customisable networks
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Unlocking 5G with Telco Cloud: Discover in this webinar from JSC Ingenium and Telecoms.com the evolution of 5G SA and how the right cloudification strategy for CSPs can drive growth …
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Daniel Sendín Dahlke has been appointed as Presales director, supporting the company’s two main business areas: Mobile Network Operators and Mobile Virtual Network Operators …
Towards the
of the future


The flexible and Cloud-native nature of JSC Ingenium’s solution enables CSPs to deploy the Platform in different fashions:
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Find everything you need for your MVNOs
JSC has the most comprehensive offer for state-of-the-art MVNOs on the market, able to adapt to any requirement in order to facilitate them to complete with guarantees in any scenario.
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By investing in JSC Ingenium’s future-proof technology, scalable and modular set of offers
MNOs can accelerate the time to market by developing new commercial capabilities to win in new B2B and B2B2X environments and add multiple growth domains to the core business.
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JSC Ingenium helps the industry sector to design, deploy and operate their own private bespoke networks
The Private Networks Portfolio is designed and built with the specific purpose of serving Industry and Mobile Operators and includes all the capabilities needed to provide private connectivity and communications services.


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Special technology for IoT

LoRaWAN allows you to deploy new secure networks for M2M/IoT communications, special for environments without mobile coverage or Wi-Fi (+)

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eSIM platform for MVNO/A/E

The eSIM developed by JSC Ingenium simplifies the service to the maximum to facilitate the operator’s work and improve the user experience (+)

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Roaming Services
Roaming services for subscribers

Unique and innovative suite of roaming services to simplify, expand and enhance the international roaming coverage of MVNOs with best-in-class service quality (+)

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Business Support System

Comprehensive solution with a vast combination of features out of the box for any communication and digital services that any Operator would want to deliver to the market (+)

JSC Ingenium serves any vertical with tailor-made services

It is designed for Mobile Operators in order to deal quickly and cost effectively with different M2M communication needs of companies, integrators and device manufacturers, providing a high level of customization according to the specific needs of each vertical.

Telco as a Service

JSC Ingenium TaaS solution enables MVNOs to take complete control of service and customer care on a full cloud and integrated platform, allowing them to differentiate their service from the competition and to target their products and pricing to distinct and niche target markets.

  • Low up-front capital investment.
  • Guaranteed time to market.
  • Pay-per-use financial model.
  • Full managed service.

Enabling Technology

Provides the necessary infrastructure (OSS and BSS) for companies wishing to offermobile telephony services, or which are already operating and want to become a Full Operator to have a higher level of independence and flexibility.

  • Complete Core 3G/4G network.
  • Complete BSS solution.
  • Total isolation between Host and Virtual networks.
  • Allows coexistence between legacy and 4G networks.

What makes us different?

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Own technology

Developed completely in-house, enabling the creation of new and innovative services, quick and secure deployment without endangering the Host’s Network.

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JSC Ingenium dedicates more than 45% of its own resources to R&D. Nowadays it is focused on the development of a 5G Core Network in order to offer 5G services over the current radio networks.

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Coexistence and integration

Latest technology available. Cost-effective solutions that enable its clients to compete in any environment, quickly and flexibly, regardless of their size and their business model.


Case studies

VoLTE allows MVNOs to get ahead and be prepared for the imminent arrival of 5G

Having the best coverage allows MVNOs to compete against the large MNOs

SUMA móvil operates in Colombia, Chile and Perú as an aggregation platform for mobile services for MVNOs since 2017