JSC Ingenium enhances its 5G real-time traffic management and monetization engine with Enea’s DPI technology

24 November 2022
JSC Ingenium - News: Client update - Enea Qosmos

JSC Ingenium, global 4G/5G core & BSS vendor for CSPs, has selected Enea Qosmos ixEngine to enhance its 5G core network products with real-time insights into applications, services, and traffic behaviour. This intelligence coupled with JSC Ingenium’s signature Telco-as-a-Service (TaaS) approach enables mobile operators to successfully deliver 5G and 5G hybrid network products and pricing targeted to selected profitable niche markets.

JSC Ingenium is a European telecommunications engineering company specializing in core network technologies and business systems for Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs), Mobile Network Operators (MNOs), and Industry Private Networks. Its TaaS approach is particularly appreciated by MVNOs as it enables them to take complete control of services and customer care on a fully integrated cloud-native platform, while differentiating their offer for emerging 5G use cases.

Delivering on 5G’s capacity for digital transformation in business and industry means delivering networks not only adapted to major industries and markets, but also to micro segments and individual customer needs. This adaptability requires an agile infrastructure like the one JSC Ingenium offers, combined with insights about network applications, services and behaviours that is deeply granular, 100% reliable, and effective even in fully encrypted environments.

Enea Qosmos ixEngine brings this traffic intelligence to JSC Ingenium’s innovative UPF (User Plane Function) and TaaS solutions. It is the traffic classification and DPI engine of choice for 75% of networking and cybersecurity vendors who source this technology and the market leader for encrypted traffic classification.

“Our strategy is to offer a scalable and cost-efficient TaaS solution that minimizes business risks and 5G technical challenges, and enables operators to quickly bring simple, highly differentiated, and complete services to their target markets”, says Ali BoushehriDirector of Product Management, Strategy & Transformation at JSC Ingenium. “By embedding Enea Qosmos technology, we are able to deliver on this promise, and to ensure a superb experience for both our customers and their subscribers”.

Jean-Pierre Coury, Vice President of Enea Traffic Intelligence, says “I am pleased that Enea can support JSC Ingenium’s mission to unleash the transformative potential of 5G, and to compete effectively in this dynamic industry. With the Qosmos ixEngine, we can ensure they always have the traffic information they and their clients need to succeed, even in the most challenging environments, such as fully encrypted networks”.

JSC Ingenium operates in 15 countries worldwide, from the Middle East to Latin America, including a number of European countries, such as Spain, Italy, the United Kingdom and Poland. The company offers its services to more than 100 different MNOs and MVNOs globally.

Qosmos ixEngine is the industry-standard for embedded traffic intelligence based on Deep Packet Inspection (DPI). Telecom, enterprise networking, and cybersecurity specialists use Qosmos ixEngine to gain application visibility, accelerate development, and build product differentiation.

About JSC Ingenium

JSC Ingenium is a global 4G/5G core & BSS vendor for CSPs. Founded in 1996, the Spanish company is building the future of telco by delivering entire operation and management solutions to all kinds of Communications Service Providers (MNOs & MVNOs). Its offering includes a wide range of 3G, 4G and 5G Core Network technologies and Service Enablers, combined with business support systems (BSS) and tools for the correct supervision and operation of Mobile Operators.

JSC Ingenium makes a very high effort in R&D, allocating more than 45% of its technical resources. Currently, JSC Ingenium is firmly committed to 5G technologies, its philosophy -completely disruptive- and its ability to create a new concept of mobile networks.

Today JSC Ingenium has operational deployments in 15 countries worldwide, from Asia to Latin America, including major European countries, such as Spain, Italy, France and the UK, serving +100 operators worldwide.