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Digital-First Experience

Digital Identification Solution
In today’s market, new digital-savvy customers forcing communication service providers to provide digital-first experience-driven touchpoints with consistent and seamless digital experience across all channels. As they no longer want to spend time visiting stores and waiting behind call or service center queues.
At the same time, the digital approach in user purchases, on-boarding, and self-service reduces CSP’s operational cost significantly by reducing human intervention and the need for physical locations while increasing the overall satisfaction of the end-users.

JSC Ingenium Solution

In order to empower CSPs to win customer loyalty and give their end-users a complete digital experience they expect, JSC Ingenium is offering a built-in Digital Identification Solution.
The Digital Identification provides secure and reliable Know Your Customer (KYC) solutions within a suite of services ranging from electronic identification document verification to facial and voice biometric authentication.
JSC Ingenium - Photo
JSC Ingenium’s Digital Identification Solution:
  • Capture customer information, including ID cards (Passport, NID, NIE,…) and biometrics, digitally,
  • Customer authentication using biometric technologies (Facial and voice recognition),
  • Multichannel identity verification (Point of Sales Portal, CRM, Mobile, and Web Selfcare Applications),
  • Manage your subscribers digitally through both Assisted-Onboarding (In the shop or video-conferencing) and Self-Onboarding options.

Digital Onboarding Experience

Together with the eSIM platform, communication service providers can digitalize the entire end-user purchasing and on-boarding journey, where the user can instantly activate and use the chosen offering.
JSC Ingenium - Technology: Digital-first experience