JSC Ingenium will look into digitalisation of an MVNO and how to optimise the digital transition at the next MVNO Nation event

28 March 2022
JSC Ingenium - News: MVNO Nation Event: Tackling Digital MVNO
  • JSC Ingenium attends as sponsor, guest speaker and panelist in the round table of the next edition of MVNO Nation

JSC Ingenium attends to the new edition of MVNO Nation Tackling Digital MVNO, as sponsor and guest speaker, next April 5 at 13:00 GMT. A virtual event that will address how to build an MVNO from digitalization, focusing on the needs of its customers, through presentations given by experts in the sector.

Ali Boushehri, Director of Product Management, Strategy & Transformation at JSC Ingenium, will present the paper: “Designing digital customer journey – From digital sales channels, through onboarding to customer support”. In his presentation the manager will try to shed light on the importance of counting on a clear strategy and understanding the customer’s journey, be aware of the main elements while designing omnichannel interactions to provide lean and agile operations. Also, among others, he will give some tips on how to engage with our customers to provide best-in-class Customer support.

This edition will also feature the participation of Alfonso Reillo, Presales and Alliance Director of JSC Ingenium, in the round table “Understanding a digital transition of an MVNO”, moderated by Renato Andrade, founder of Acqua Telecom. This panel will address points such as: Fully digital vs. hybrid MVNO set up; how to make a transition to a digital-focused company and, last but not least, the power of greater analytics, marketing & sales automation, CRM integrations, etc.

This new edition will tackle how to build a digitally minded MVNO and how to optimise the digital transition. But most importantly, it will focus on the MVNO customers and their expectations.
About JSC Ingenium

JSC Ingenium is a Telecommunications Engineering company founded in 1996, specialized in both network core technologies and business systems and tools for the correct supervision and operation of Mobile Operators (MNOs & MVNOs), as well as convergent fiber-mobile technologies. The JSC Ingenium portfolio encompasses a full range of 3G and 4G Core Network Infrastructure solutions, Service Enablers, and of course, 5G.

JSC Ingenium makes a very strong effort in R&D, to which it allocates more than 45% of its technical resources. Currently, JSC Ingenium is firmly committed to 5G technologies, its
philosophy, completely disruptive, and its ability to create a new concept of mobile networks.

JSC Ingenium currently has operational deployments in 15 countries around the world, from the Middle East to Latin America, including the main European countries, among which are Spain, Italy, United Kingdom or Poland among others, and from which its services are offered to more than 75 operators worldwide.