“How MVNOs should approach 5G in 2022/23”

29 November 2021
JSC Ingenium - News: MVNO Nation Event: Tackling 5G implementation

Re-watch Ali’s presentation “How MVNOs should approach 5G in 2022/23”, that took place at the “Tackling 5G implementations” conference organized by MVNO Nation on November 24.

JSC Ingenium - Event: MVNO Nation
“Tackling 5G implementations”
How MVNOs should approach 5G in 2022/23:
  • The challenges and opportunities drivers for MVNOs in the 5G era.
  • The importance of the move to the cloud-native solution.
  • How 5G and delivering URLLC services impact the Wholesales contract with MNO.
  • How MVNO should tackle 5G and what should be the focus in the next two years.
JSC Ingenium - Video: MVNO Nation - Ali Boushehri