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Network Modernization

Network Modernization

Today’s operators are Battling increased complexity and competition, while their revenues and EBITDA margins are under intense pressure.
Cost pressure mounted by advancing network technologies when The cost of Supporting legacy platforms is unsustainably high and has to be reduced.
Legacy network infrastructure gravely limits the ability to respond to new and digital customer expectations, reduce business opportunities and create several challenges, including higher failure rates, lack of interoperability, and compromised network security.
With an extensive Product Portfolio, JSC Ingenium offers CSPs the mean for transformation and forward-thinking, making the leap from reactive to proactive innovations.
With JSC Ingenium, we offer the network’s modernization that would ensure that your infrastructure is agile enough to support business speed while optimizing network and application performance and reducing troubleshooting.
JSC Ingenium - MNOs: Network modernization

How can JSC Ingenium Improve CSP’s TCO?

The current level of expenditure for legacy network element has already been translated into inflated TCO; we offer a replacement solution that would result in:
JSC Ingenium - MNOs: Improve CSP's TCO

Which part of the Network to Modernize?

We believe Mobile Operators need to move from being operators to digital service providers. However, unbundling Hardware and Software or even increasing the efforts to enable a cloud-based solution is not a risk-free path to take. JSC Ingenium modernization matrix clustered the effort, risk, and benefits of each route:
JSC Ingenium - MNOs: Modernization matrix

JSC Ingenium’s Portfolio Offering for Modernization

JSC Ingenium’s best-of-breed Converged Mobile Core, and Business Support systems can enhance your current Mobile Network operation and business by fully supporting your expanding requirements.

Your JSC Ingenium solution will easily integrate with your existing system and fully support the range of wireless services to enable your business.

JSC Ingenium - MNOs: Portfolio offering for modernization

JSC Ingenium’s Modernization Professional Services

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JSC Ingenium can work closely with your experts to analyze, design and optimize your modernization needs and efforts by breaking down technical and operational barriers.

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Project Delivery

JSC Ingenium covers requirement analysis and solution design, solution implementation, integration, and data migrating, as well as delivery any required training for your experts and administrators.

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Operation & Managed Services

JSC Ingenium help you improve network performance, efficiency and enhance your TCO without compromising on quality.

Why JSC Ingenium

  • Bring innovative and differentiated service to market by reducing the cost of creating and launching new services.
  • Improve Customer quality of experience with right-sized capacity in the network.
  • Accelerating time-to-market for new services.
  • Diverse Portfolio customizable to specific needs.