How do you know if your MVNO gives you the best service?

JSC Ingenium - Blog: How do you know if your MVNO gives you the best service?

MVNOs (Mobile Virtual Network Operators) have been perfected under various efficiency and competitiveness approaches, offering some similar products and services, but… How do you really know if your MVNO gives you the best service?

If you want to launch your own mobile service or if you already have an MVNO working, it is vital that you consider some aspects that guarantee the best service for you and your subscribers.

How do you know if your MVNO gives you the best service?

MVNOs work according to their strengths and weaknesses under different approaches; consider the following aspects to measure its properties:

1.     Compatibility with CDMA or GSM

Most phones work with CDMA or GSM. If you want your MVNO business to succeed, you need to connect with a carrier that supports GSM and CDMA.

2.     Mobile hotspot

Many MVNOs do not offer the option of Hotspot or Tethering technology with a plan at a lower cost, so it is necessary to check if this option is included in the services to ensure that customers enjoy this technology at a competitive price.

3.     VoLTE technology                                          

Most wireless networks use VoLTE technology in their communications, ensuring better audio quality, optimizing device battery life and faster navigation during the call.

4.     Infrastructure Solutions

MVNOs must offer Core, BSS and OSS infrastructure solutions for 3G/4G/5G networks and Service Enablers.

5.     Network quality

With current monitoring services, MVNOs must ensure a quality network for subscribers, based on technological excellence.

6.     Intelligent monitoring

M2M technology has arrived with force so it is advisable to have an M2M platform to improve both the customer experience and business management.

7.      Device management

Automatic configurations of mobile devices to ensure the proper provision of services.

8.     Family plan

Typically, MVNOs focus on the individual, as most subscribers are not looking for a family plan; however, their offer can give you an edge over your competitors.

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