What are customers looking for in an MVNO?

JSC Ingenium - Blog: What are customers looking for in an MVNO?

Currently there are a large number of mobile phone providers (MVNO), but not all offer the same services, plans, or advantages, the reason why many customers are migrating to get what truly satisfies them.

But do you know what customers are looking for in an MVNO? Probably not, therefore we are going to present you a description that will answer this question. In this way you will be able to know all the advantages and benefits that are booming in reference to the MVNO and which are the most valued and sought after by customers.

Advantages and benefits of an MVNO

In this interconnected world, MVNOs seek to position themselves in a community of customers, offering numerous advantages and benefits that go beyond an economical pricing strategy:

  • Have a stable, flexible and secure platform.
  • Recharges and payments 100% digital.
  • The MVNO are offering a personalized service to be closer to customers.
  • They have a prepaid service without a contract.
  • Offer special plans for customers who have been using the services for a long time.
  • Low cost unlimited plans.
  • Flexible offer based on the needs of the MVNO.

What are customers looking for in an MVNO?

Actually, customers who opt for MVNO services are looking for a platform that has a complete infrastructure, which can also meet their demands, and has:

  1. Technological independence.
  2. Development of new services.
  3. Highly scalable MVNO.
  4. Enjoy a cost reduction associated with operations and virtual maintenance.
  5. Offer a considerable reduction in times with the host operator.
  6. Customers want a differentiated evolution of services, without this causing an impact on the network.