Are Operators prepared to meet the growing demand for M2M services?

JSC Ingenium - Blog: Are operators prepared to meet the growing demand for M2M services?

The explosion of the Machine to Machine (M2M) market is certainly an interesting opportunity for communications operators to develop a new alternative market, taking advantage of the traditional business, which is too saturated due to the high penetration of residential and corporate telephone lines. Aware of this situation, operators have pounced on this new market, and many of them create their own M2M divisions.

However, in the M2M market, to have new lines and customers do not translate directly into easy revenue. Operators should note that the same business model cannot be applied to M2M devices as to mobile phones.

Challenges and opportunities for operators

We have been witnessing the exponential growth of M2M for years, but it has not been until now when the telecommunications industry is experiencing its definitive explosion. Consultants and experts from all over the world agree that the business potential is enormous.

Aware of this, integrators and device manufacturers are super-specializing in different verticals, making a great effort of investment and innovations to develop the sector.

New initiatives are knocking on the door of mobile operators every day in search of connectivity solutions and increasingly complex Machine to Machine services. A scenario where the only critical and determining piece are the operators.

However, are mobile operators prepared to meet this strong demand? To do this quickly and cost-efficiently, do they really have specialized services that allow them to differentiate for all verticals and types of customers?

The challenge is posed and calls for an immediate response. The key is to have a platform that allows operators to deploy and operate solutions for integrators and manufacturers safely, protecting the operator’s network in a flexible and agile way to adapt to the technical and business needs of each vertical, centralizing integrations and, at the same time, treating each brand independently and, of course, being efficient in operational costs.

A solution that also allows them to respond to all their service needs, both telecommunications and business, of any sector and for any type of client, and that it is also able to respond to any new initiative that is presented. The platform of JSC Ingenium, provider of turnkey services and solutions for MNOs and MVNOs, enables operators to compete in a sector where margins are very tight. To access to niche customers with very specific needs. And in addition, build customer loyalty with a wide, flexible and customizable range of services. In this way, no opportunity is missed, since true opportunities only happen once.