What is BSS and how does it work?

JSC Ingenium - Glossary: What is BSS and How does it work?

Have you ever heard the term BSS? The term Bussiness Support Systems is used to describe customer-facing business functionality.

This is an important concept to handle when it comes to boosting a communications operator. Therefore, in this post we will tell you everything related to BSS and how it works.

What is BSS?

BSS is the system responsible for handling the commercial aspects, as we have mentioned, towards customers. Among the responsibilities of this system there are: invoicing, service fulfillment, product catalog and collections, and of course, customer, orders and revenue management.

BBS focuses primarily more on the commercial side than on the technical side. This tool facilitates communication between an organization and its customers to create offers, issue invoices to customers, and make transactions between operators.

How does BSS work?

In conjunction with Operations Support Systems (OSS), BSS supports several end-to-end telecommunications services. On the other hand, BSS is also used to refer to all enterprise support systems seen as a complete system.

As far as its operation is concerned, BSS works differently with each of the processes it deals with: product management, order management, revenue management and customer management.

Product management

Supports management of products, offers and packages for companies and customers in the market. Generally includes offering discounts for products, appropriate pricing, and managing the relationship between products.

Customer management

Covers all requirements for partner management and customer self-service. Customer management is also considered as a complete customer relationship management system, implemented to help customer service agents give you better service.  

Revenue management

It focuses on invoicing, collection and settlement. Includes billing for services for consumers, businesses and wholesalers. It also covers the systems of billing mediation, generation of invoices and presentation of the same.

Order management

Manages four areas related to order management: decomposition, control, errors and order status. BSS acts as the commercial engine for order fulfillment and fulfillment management.

In JSC Ingenium, provider of turnkey services and solutions for MNOs and MVNOs, we offer a BSS system integrated with our Core Network, which allows offering customers a modular turnkey solution, easily and quickly deployable, from a very low entry level.