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Enabling technology

Full Core + BSS

Roaming services

eSIM Platform

Policy and charging

Enabling technology

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Interested in offering aggregation services?
JSC Ingenium has a full, proven, robust and safe MVNE Platform offer, allowing totally independent deployment and operation of different brands, with different business models and services.
JSC’s MVNE technology fully isolates the Host network from virtual operation, allowing integration with new MVNOs and deployment of new services without at any time endangering Host Operator’s Core network, and, in addition, allowing changes to be made to the MVNE, transparently to the host.

MVNE Platform

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eSIM Platform
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Cloud deployment
option (TaaS)
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Convergent services
-Fixed & Mobile-
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Complete 3G/4G/5G Core Network
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Roaming services

General characteristics

  • Full service Platform: full 3G/4G/5G network infrastructure + OSS (OCS) and BSS.
  • Multi-tenant: Allows you to manage fully autonomously and independently different brands, with different business models and services.
  • Multi-host and multi-country.
  • Cloud deployment option (TaaS) or on premise.
  • Network Island: Specialized sub-network for Virtual Operators:
    • No impact on the host network during integration of new MVNOs.
    • Protection against subscribers that generate high traffic volumes.
    • Low impact on the operation and maintenance of host network.
  • Flexible offer based on MVNO needs, from light to full integrations, with bigger or lesser own infrastructure (modular components).
  • Highly scalable from a very low entry level.
  • Technological independence from the host operator.
  • Fast development of new services.
  • Highly scalable.
  • Extremely flexible business models.
  • Allowing convergent service over several access networks: 3G, 4G, 5G, WiFi…
  • Ultra-fast deployment to Ready for Service.Registered as a full operator.
    Complying with the legislation in force in each country.
  • Participating in the whole life cycle of the business, from the service wholesale marketing and the MVNO design, to its deployment, operations and maintenance.

SUMA móvil

SUMA móvil operates in Colombia, Chile and Perú as an aggregation platform for mobile services for MVNOs since 2017. SUMA began to operate in Perú in 2021 over the radio network of entel. It offers different operating models to companies with a mobile business idea based on the investment they wish to make, the risk and the client’s knowledge of the service and the mobile market.
As of January 2021, it operated the following MVNOs:
JSC Ingenium - MVNOs: SUMA móvil

Advantages for MVNOs

  • Full MVNO: full 3G/4G network infrastructure + OSS (OCS) & BSS.
  • Service Provider: OSS (OCS) & BSS.
  • Highly scalable from a very low entry level.
  • High level of flexibility. Enables development and implementation of new and innovative fully customized value-added services.
  • Important reduction of costs associated with the deployment, operation and maintenance of the Virtual Operator.
  • Flexible business models to adapt to the needs of the MVNO.
  • Fast deployment of new services.
  • Fast Time to Market. Significantly reduces the time of negotiation, integration and certification with the Host Operator.
  • Easy evolution. Enables differentiated evolution of the Virtual’s services with no impact on the Host’s network.
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Product catalog, ORE, and PCRF

The Platform is designed to deliver the ability to define product packages and provide rate plans with unlimited flexibility and complexity. By combining various components and business rules like prices, allowances, times, families), network access, groups, etc. …, the MVNO can achieve your second brand’s niche product offerings.
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Digital selfcare

The Mobile and Web self-care solution enables personalized, intuitive, and real-time customer experience while reducing customer care costs.
Both of MVNO postpaid &prepaid customers can manage their accounts, purchase products, top-up, pay the bill, and raise a question to MVNO support team.
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JSC Ingenium’s CRM helps MVNOs get a 360° view of their customers and can provide agility to various customer life cycle management stages. CRM is the only user interface virtuals need that will give insights into customer behavior.
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Roaming services

The roaming broker platforms allows MVNOs to offer a unique and innovative suite of roaming services to simplify, expand and enhance their international roaming coverage with best-in-class service quality.

“The Network Island deployment model protects the host’s network and the MVNE’s autonomy, increasing flexibility compared to MVNOs and vastly improving the Time to Market”

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Billing and Collection System

JSC Ingenium’s Billing and Collection system is built to support the customer’s expectations of on-demand-invoice, displaying the current bill cycle up-to-date usage, access to customer profiles to change, like payment terms, and an overview of paid and unpaid bills; as well as providing all features needed for postpaid billing and invoicing.
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eSIM Platform and Digital Identification Gateway

Using JSC Ingenium’s eSIM and Digital Identity solution change the entire customer journey and in-store experience. Create an authentic zero-touch digital experience by removing human intervention from the moment the customer buys a device/SIM until the moment it connects to a network except for the end-user.
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Campaign and Promotion Management

An CSP’s primary concerns are keeping the existing customer base happy, saving customers from churning, and winning new customers, all at good profit margins. Campaign Management and Promotion Management provide the right toolset to make customers aware and, in the end, to reduce churn risk. It combines powerful real-time event management and campaign execution engine with a highly flexible configuration.

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Point of Sales Portal

The Point of Sales Portal is primarily focused on providing complete capabilities from manage sales and activations to respond to the most common customer care requests. All changes made through the Point of Sales Portal are effective immediately.
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The Platform comes with a variety of payment options for both postpay and prepays customers. From Voucher top-up to supports payments via credit cards, direct debit, and Point of Sales, and other external systems accepting payments and balance transfers in between subscriptions.
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Partnership and Integration

Convergence is now all about the media and entertainment experience, where the distinction between Telco services and contents for the end-user disappears. Build a compelling customer experience by partnering and easily integrating content owners and OTTs to the Second Brand Platform.