JSC Ingenium launches BRAIN, its new smart advanced support system

17 September 2020
JSC Ingenium - News: Product demo - BRAIN
  • JSC’s revolutionary new system has been designed to speed up and simplify operators’ support tasks to the maximum when identifying the root cause of incidents.
  • In a matter of seconds, Brain makes it possible to have all subscribers’ service information available for a thorough interactive analysis.
JSC Ingenium continues its strong commitment to internal R&D, designing and developing new solutions that add value and facilitate the day-to-day operation and maintenance of its customers. In line with this strategy, the company is launching on the market a new system capable of centralising all information and allowing users to filter all service data, from all their subscribers, in almost real time. This helps support teams to identify the reason for an incident faster and, therefore, to dramatically reduce response times.
Brain compiles data from the different nodes (HLR, MSC, STP, MGW…) during the provision of a mobile service – call, SMS, data, register… -, and unifies and indexes that information. In just a few seconds, users can visualise all traces related to the service that they are searching, regardless of the protocol or complexity. Moreover, they can initiate interactive analysis that enables detecting the cause of an incident.
“At JSC Ingenium we are aware of the time it takes and the effort on the part of support teams to relate traces from different protocols, located on different servers, and we decided to work on it in order to improve it” says José Losada, CTO of JSC Ingenium. “With Brain we get all the relevant information from the service in seconds”.
JSC Ingenium - M2M: Platform for Mobile Operators
When filling in the search fields, they change as our values are selected, allowing us to know in a previous step whether the search will yield results or not.
JSC Ingenium - New: Brain
It allows you to compare frames automatically, using colours to identify how one differs from the next.
Brain also has two important features: on the one hand, it allows you to find out instantly whether the incident exists or not – clearly and intuitively showing all the frames, gaps or time delays between them – and, on the other hand, it offers the option to compare frames automatically, using colours to identify how one differs from the next.
Alejandro Hernández, who manages the new system, notes “the fact that it has a single search point where you can find all platform traces centrally – from any protocol or data source – makes Brain the perfect tool for support teams as they work to identify the cause of an incident”.
About JSC Ingenium
JSC Ingenium is a Telecommunications Company specialised in 3G and 4G Network Hub technologies for Mobile Operators -MVNOs and MNOs-. It currently has operations deployed in 14 countries, where it offers services to more than 60 MVNOs and MNOs around the world.

It has a wide range of 3G and 4G Network Hub Infrastructure. Its offering also includes a third party BSS system, which allows it to offer a turnkey solution to its customers. Its new TaaS – Telco as a Service – offering allows for a comprehensive solution in the cloud for Mobile Operators that is ready to roll out for the first time.