For the first time, JSC Ingenium is presenting its new commitment to 5G technology and hyper-elastic networks at the MVNOs World Congress 2020

11 September 2020
JSC Ingenium - News: Event MVNO World Congress 2020
  • JSC Ingenium commits solidly to 5G technology, for its super abilities and its completely disruptive philosophy, in order to create a new concept in mobile networks: the new hyper-elastic networks.
  • JSC Ingenium is participating as an exhibitor at a new edition of the MVNOs World Congress for the tenth consecutive year, and is presenting its new offering for Mobile Virtual Operators for the first time. The MVNOs sector will meet on this occasion at a special edition that will be fully virtual, due to the extraordinary situation we are facing caused by COVID-19.
The new 5G technology is a reality and is completely changing the Telco scene and the established rules of the game. Large Mobile Operators have focused their business strategies on the roll out of super powerful radio networks and on new services based on ultra-high speed and super low latency, the two big promises of this latest technology. Yet, 5G is much more than that. JSC Ingenium commits to go beyond and make the most of all the capacities really offered by 5G technology, as of today, without the need to wait for the roll out of radio networks.
5G will allow us to have hyper-versatile and absolutely customisable networks. New networks that are able to auto-monitor and adapt automatically and smartly to any service demand at any time. New networks capable of operating on any 2G/3G/4G and of course 5G radio technology, and even other technologies with M2M access.
Network Slicing technology will allow us to create, on demand, new network segments that are independent, isolated and customisable, with tailored services to meet our customers’ needs. These capacities were impossible just a few years ago. 5G means the beginning of a network revolution. On top of that, 5G hyper-elasticity will allow us to have as many deployed networks at the same time as we have different brands and businesses. This means that even a single customer may have, in a fast and simple way, several networks deployed and operative at the same time, and more importantly, without the need to invest a fortune.
5G will allow MVNOs to have alternative networks to target new business opportunities, cover one-off needs from very specific groups of subscribers, or as real test scenario to test a certain service, a certain promotion, and so on. All this without compromising the other networks and services.

JSC Ingenium’s commitment to 5G involves network virtualization as well. The new virtual networks adapt automatically and smartly to the service, sizing the network, and activating and deactivating new network elements depending on the service load. An auto-scalable and auto-adaptive network that allows the use of resources to be planned in an optimal way, knowing the expected load on each network function at any time, and balancing the available capacity among the different functions. If necessary, it even uses public clouds to divert excess load. A network that, in the event of unforeseen circumstances, is able to react by increasing the capacity of critical functions and decreasing the capacity of non-critical ones, in order to go back to normal as soon as possible.

All the aforementioned elements must be accompanied by monitoring systems that meet this challenge: The network will help technicians with the operation process, which leads us necessarily to the automatized monitoring and alert systems and, finally, to artificial intelligence techniques being available to our customers.

5G is now. JSC Ingenium commits solidly to 5G and is investing heavily in R+D to this end, with the clear intention to keep offering its customers state-of-the-art, cutting-edge technology.

About JSC Ingenium
JSC Ingenium is a Telecommunications Company specialised in 3G and 4G Network Hub technologies for Mobile Operators -MVNOs and MNOs-. It currently has operations deployed in 14 countries, where it offers services to more than 60 MVNOs and MNOs around the world.

It has a wide range of 3G and 4G Network Hub Infrastructure. Its offering also includes a third party BSS system, which allows it to offer a turnkey solution to its customers. Its new TaaS -Telco as a Service- offering allows for a comprehensive solution in the cloud for Mobile Operators that is ready to roll out
for the first time.