JSC Ingenium attends as sponsor and speaker at MVNO Nation Live 2022

17 November 2022
JSC Ingenium - News: MVNO Nation 2022
  • The project showcased by JSC Ingenium at this event – the world’s first multihost VoLTE MVNO multihost experience – achieved what no other operator in Mexico has achieved: quality coverage throughout the national territory.
  • Thanks to JSC Ingenium’s VoLTE solution, users can enjoy quality calls, with an affordable investment for the MVNO.
JSC Ingenium a global 4G/5G core & BSS vendor for CSPs, and Alestra, a specialist ICT service for the business and government in Mexico, participated on November 16 and 17 in the MVNO Nation Live event, which took place in Valencia (Spain). In this interactive meeting, the companies showcased the technical and operational development of the first multi-host mobile operator and its VoLTE service to ensure voice calls on 4G networks.
Mexico is one of the largest countries in Latin America (1,943 million km²), and no Mobile Network Operator can offer guaranteed quality coverage that reaches the whole country. In this context, Alestra and JSC Ingenium set themselves the challenge of offering, through a Mobile Virtual Network Operator, a complete mobile telephony service (voice, SMS and mobile data) that guarantees the quality of the radio signal to all their customers throughout the national territory, including rural and less populated areas.

VoLTE Service

Deploying the first integrated multi-host service with three of the four national Mobile Operators in Mexico –Telcel, AT&T and Altán– was a challenge in itself. It depends on the physical network of each of them, and in the case of the Altán network, being a pure 4G- LTE operator, it implied an added difficulty regarding voice calls. As it does not co-exist with the 2G/3G network, calls with subscribers operating on another radio technology were not viable. The alternative was to use applications -such as Skype or WhatsApp- but this requires the installation of the app, does not guarantee the quality of service and does not allow emergency calls. JSC Ingenium’s VoLTE technology has enabled integration between the Altan radio network and the other hosts so that when the user makes a call, regardless of the originating host, it is routed through the most appropriate interconnection.

Deploying VoLTE
to ensure voice calls
on 4G networks
VoLTE allows MVNOs to get ahead and be prepared for the imminent arrival of 5G

a differentiating service
to compete for value

Axtel becomes the first
multi-host mobile operator
in the Mexico region