JSC Ingenium introduces its new multi-technology 5G Core

12 December 2022
JSC Ingenium - News: JSC Ingenium introduces its new multi-technology 5G Core
  • The new 5G Core technology will allow JSC Ingenium to offer its customers 5G services regardless of the access technology used.
  • With this project, JSC Ingenium reinforces its position as one of the most innovative companies in the world.

After more than two years of intense work, JSC Ingenium officially and successfully presented its new multi-technology 5G Core project. It has been funded by CDTI (Centre for Technical and Industrial Development), an entity under the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation responsible for promoting innovation and technological development of innovative companies and certifying those R&D projects.

5G technology will revolutionise telecommunications in two fundamental areas: Radio access, bringing enormous improvements in speed, latency and consumption of IoT devices, and Network Slicing, which will make it possible to create multiple independent logical networks on a single physical infrastructure. The latter will enable the creation of networks tailored to the users, micro-segments of networks designed for specific applications, and ad-hoc networks for special situations such as disasters or events. The possibilities are virtually endless.

JSC Ingenium‘s new multi-technology 5G Core has been designed to take advantage of the possibilities of 5G technology without waiting for the mass deployment of 5G radio or core 5G by leading operators. This project will allow the company to offer services with the versatility of 5G, but over existing networks, without causing costly technology migrations for customers.
The project aims to achieve the entire segmentation capacity of the 5G network and use it to govern any available radio technology (5G, 4G, 3G, 2G or Narrow Band technologies). This way, concepts like personalisation, virtualisation, client-to-customer isolation and scalability capabilities of 5G technology can be made available today. Furthermore, the very virtual nature of the technology makes it ideal for cloud, on-premises or hybrid environments, allowing highly elastic and robust environments. The technology also allows the transparent incorporation of 5G radio capabilities as they become available.

José Manuel Losada, JSC Ingenium R&D Director, said: “We firmly believe that the great revolution of 5G will come precisely from the Core side, from virtualisation and its enormous versatility and scalability, rather than from its ultra-high-speed radio features and ultra-low latency. The great experience accumulated in this type of projects, both from a technological and business point of view, allows the company to face this challenge from a privileged position. JSC masters the technology and the needs of the main beneficiaries of tailor-made networks”.

That brings to four the number of R&D projects officially presented by JSC Ingenium in the last 12 years. “The commitment to R&D has been a key and unquestionable part of our company’s strategy. Developing our own cutting-edge technology has allowed us to differentiate ourselves and compete with the major players in the Telco market worldwide”, concludes José Losada.