What is it and how does MVNA work?

JSC Ingenium - Glossary: What is it and how does MVNA work?

Customer experience and service are at the core of every business; without new customers there would be no business. But what happens when the customer base is dynamic and constantly changing, as is the case with the telecommunications industry? How do we ensure that customer needs and demands are met?

The answer is to have several key players in the market that adapt to the different needs of customers. These include mobile network operators (MNOs), mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs), mobile virtual network enablers (MVNEs), and mobile virtual network aggregators (MVNAs). Below we will examine in more detail the role and impact of MVNA within the telecommunications ecosystem.

What is MVNA?

A MVNA (Mobile Virtual Network Aggregator) is an operator that offers wholesale mobile and data services to entities that, like MVNOs, also offer the services to their end customers under their own name or brand.

An MVNA connects smaller MVNOs to the MNO rather than a bunch of smaller MVNOs that connect directly to the MNO. Typically, the MVNA will have no subscribers, only MVNOs, and will normally have its own business and operating systems.

How does an MVNA work?

This is a strategic option for the MNO. As we have said before, instead of relying on many small MVNOs, they will be sold to an MVNA. The aggregator will take over the bulk purchase and resell it to its MVNOs. MVNAs do not have direct customers, but an MVNA can also rely on an MVNE instead of selling directly to MVNOs.

Normally, the MNVA will have its own business and operating systems, but will not have any direct subscribers other than MVNOs.

MVNA technology of JSC Ingenium, provider of Network Infrastructure solutions for MNOs and MVNOs, allows independent companies to operate as Mobile Services Platforms, ranging from the search and selection of candidates, including negotiation with each one, to integration, operation and maintenance.

Part of Ingenium Group is SUMA Móvil, first platform in mobile services for MVNOs in Colombia, Chile and Peru, that offers its virtual operators Full MVNO. SUMA provides the entire mobile service portfolio with the highest possible level of independence and flexibility. The company participates throughout the project working closely with the client in all its phases of analysis and consulting, positioning, negotiation and integration.

At SUMA Móvil they offer a fully complete Full Core BSS and OSS solution for virtual mobile operators, ready to operate in 2G, 3G, 4G. SUMA’s MVNA platform is responsible for deploying and operating any business idea in relation to the technical, commercial, personal requirements, etc. that customers have at any time.