What is BSS and how are OSS and BSS different in telecommunications?

JSC Ingenium - Glossary: What is BSS and How are OSS and BSS different in telecommunications?

In the telecommunications industry, OSS and BSS are best described as the “backbone systems” that support various end-to-end telecommunications services. They provide consistent network capacity and stable quality of service for telecom operators, including policy control and loading, real-time service delivery, and customer support.

These two terms are normally used together, but their respective use is very different. Let’s take a look at what the difference is between OSS and BSS by examining how each operates in the TELCO ecosystem.

What is BSS?

A MVNE (Mobile virtual network enabler) is a company that provides network infrastructure services and other operations services to a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO). Among the services provided to an MVNO, an MVNE is responsible for providing solutions that include billing, operations, administrations and back-end network provisioning.

Generally, an MVNE provides a deferral of capital expenditures to MNVOs. As a result, MVNOs remain focused on service, their customers, continuous product improvement, branding, and marketing. On the other hand, it is normal for MVNEs and MVNOs to maintain risk-reward agreements.

What is OSS?

As we have mentioned before, an MVNE is everything an MVNO needs in terms of billing, administration, support, etc. Basically, to deliver your products and services, what an MVNO needs is access to a MNO network and a system to manage products and subscribers. That’s when the planning, implementation, and mobile service management features of MVNEs become necessary.

With an MVNE, an MVNO can get started quickly even with reduced time and money costs. This is because an MVNE can host multiple MVNOs on a single platform, thus offering significant cost reductions. In addition, the MVNE provides SIM provisioning and configuration, customer billing, CRM, and value-added service platforms.

The MVNE allows the MVNO to outsource the integration of the MNO, as well as the management of commercial and technical operations. In this way, it manages to substantially reduce the number of personnel needed. Undoubtedly, the use of MVNE simplifies operations, reduces the risk of the
new company, brings the MNVO to market quickly and allows marketing tests.

In short, the operation of an MVNE focuses on making the work of MNVO easier.

In this way, JSC Ingenium’s MVNE technology provides the necessary infrastructure to companies that want to offer mobile telephony services, or that are already operating and want to become a Full Operator so that they have a higher level of independence and flexibility.

Differences between OSS and BSS in telecommunications

OSS focuses on network management. BSS focuses on all activities within the organization.

  • OSS supports and automates all network functions. BSS supports and automates other management functions, such as product management, customer management, revenue management, or order management.
  • OSS manages operations such as network planning, maintains all network inventories such as computers, routers, servers that are usually connected to the network. BSS manages operations such as taking orders, payment problems, processing invoices, etc.
  • OSS includes information about the networks that are available, about their performance, allows members to manage networks, etc. BSS includes information about the customer relationship, payment orders, new registrations, etc.
  • OSS generally helps the telecommunications service provider control, manage and analyze all network connections. BSS includes components that are basically used by the telecommunications service provider for better business operation.
  • OSS is mainly handled by backend staff, i.e. employees, developers or engineers. BSS is mainly managed by frontend staff.
  • OSS is also used for the implementation, operation, etc. of the CORE infrastructure (components that are used to offer services to customers). BSS is generally used to support CORE infrastructure.

At JSC Ingenium, provider of Network Infrastructure solutions for MNOs and MVNOs, we have a BSS solution complete and integrated with the Core Network that offers CRM services, points of sale, logistics distributors, workflow manager, MVNE console for administration, billing system to process CDRs / EDRs, billing system, self-management, etc.