Contact center: What is it? How does it work?

JSC Ingenium - Glossary: Contact center: What is it? How does it work?

It is common for the concept of contact center to be confused with that of call center, but in reality their objectives are different. While both directly manage communication with the customer or user, the contact center is a more comprehensive concept.

At JSC Ingenium,  provider of turnkey Network Infrastructure services and solutions for MNOs and MVNOs, we want to inform you about the best ways to improve the user experience and facilitate a more fluid relationship with customers. Discover below the characteristics of a contact center and its operation.

What is it? Definition of contact center

In general, a contact center is a customer service that, in addition to responding to specific queries, integrates the different channels and the multiple tools that allow creating and maintaining communication with customers. 

In short, the ultimate purpose is to develop more real, direct and lasting ties with users and customers, in order to optimize business communication and commercial management. Usually this contact center works as a department (internal or external) of the company and requires the support of a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system, which allows managing the relationship with the client. 

In addition to solving the specific problems of customers, the contact center also accumulates information about purchase habits, the status of business processes and any data that may be useful to improve and streamline transactions. 

How does a contact center work? 

First of all, we must consider that the work of these centers is omnichannel, because it integrates all the communication tools: telephony, social networks, chats, messaging, video calls… 

For this reason and due to the great boom of new technologies, it is a task strongly related to technological changes. That is why certain trends, such as Artificial Intelligence or 5G, for example, have a strong impact on the operation of these centers.  

In most cases, a central is responsible for comprehensively managing all contact channels, and other complementary tasks such as recording calls, creating reports or integrating content into all social networks. 


Some of the main advantages of using a contact center are:

  • Increase customer satisfaction.
  • Resolve queries and incidents at first contact.
  • Customer retention.
  • A more positive perception of brands.

At JSC Ingenium we are aware of the needs of good customer service, and we offer several solutions that complement each other for better support to MVNOs customers:

  • MINOS: An intelligent help system for mobile operators. When you have to open a task or report any incident, they allow you to do it in a comprehensive and structured way, centralizing all requests, streamlining the diagnosis and resolution of incidents, optimizing the work of the teams involved, etc.
  • BRAIN: It is an intelligent advanced support that collects information in seconds to look for any incident, speeding up and simplifying the support tasks of MVNOs as much as possible at the time of identifying the initial cause of incidents. 
  • PHAROS: A real-time core monitoring and analysis system, which visualizes and identifies any type of incident in real time. 

From JSC Ingenium we offer turnkey solutions to MVOs and MNOs for a better support to their customers in an agile, fast and flexible way, thanks to our constant commitment to R&D.