How to differentiate my MVNO thanks to the improvement of the customer experience?

JSC Ingenium - Blog: How to differentiate my MVNO thanks to the improvement of the customer experience?

The customer experience is based on the interactions and contact that the customer has with the service provider company. That link is what will strengthen the loyalty and trajectory of the user in virtual mobile operators (MVNO).

However, the customer experience does not end when the customer purchases the services; on the contrary, it begins when the customer barely knows the brand and the advantages offered by the MVNO and is consolidated over time (or in the worst case, ends very soon due to some disagreement). To differentiate your MVNO it is necessary to pay attention to some key aspects, which come entirely from the customer experience.

3 fundamental aspects to improve the customer experience

Know your customers

First of all, to differentiate your MVNO with the improvement of the customer experience it is necessary that you know them, so you can identify the points of contact that allow interaction. It is essential that you understand that each client is attracted to your services because he feels well taken care of, and his problem was solved with what you offer.

To get to know your customers, take your time to check those points where you get in touch with them, for example: visits to the web, requests for technical support, attention to their requirements with short response times, post-purchase follow-up, loyalty service offers, or purchases of certain plans. These are key points that make the good or bad difference.

Offer quality services

Virtual operators often offer almost the same services, but you can differentiate yourself with aspects that raise the quality, for example, agility to manage, flexibility in digital attention, R&D technology specially designed for users, whether they are individuals or companies, or fully customized service offerings, among others. In the quality of the services is where you will verify that the experience of the clients is satisfactory.

Digital and physical contact

Although we live in a digital world in which we can solve everything from the mobile or the computer, and really that is and will be the goal of all, even if you are 100% online, you should not dismiss physical contact with users, since this does improve the customer experience and will bring you many benefits, in addition to differentiating yourself from the rest.

The future is promising, and customers are increasingly adapting to new technologies by efficiently using artificial intelligence, virtual assistants, chatbots, IoT, M2M… but it is essential to have points of physical proximity that improve the experience and allow you, as an MVNO, to improve your offer.

Finally, if you want to differentiate your MVNO with the improvement of the customer experience you have to take actions that really give you results, where you can see that this difference translates into loyalty, commitment and profitability.

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