Making our MNO and MVNO customers’ operations and support tasks easier is key to competing successfully

27 January 2021
JSC Ingenium - News: Product demo - MINOS
  • JSC Ingenium deploys MINOS, its new operation and support tool for customers, designed to optimize response times.
  • It allows customers to be independent in incident diagnosis and resolution.

JSC Ingenium, following its strategy of focusing on customers and being aware of their needs, deploys “MINOS” for the exclusive use of customers. This is a new smart assistant that guides customers in a quick, simple and intuitive way to raise a query, request a change or service activation, notify an incident, or request tasks.

MINOS allows customers to request certain tasks in a detailed and structured way, such as asking for new SIM orders, requesting VPN activation, configuring reports or vouchers and so on.

MINOS displays an intuitive and friendly interface that is designed to guide customers’ operations and support teams, through customized flows, according to the services deployed for each customer, and it is 100% tailored. This makes it possible to compile all the relevant information in a structured way with the ultimate goals of avoiding downtime and optimizing response times as much as possible.

JSC Ingenium - M2M: Platform for Mobile Operators
For greater convenience, Minos permits working with keyboard shortcuts.
JSC Ingenium - M2M: Platform for Mobile Operators
Thanks to this route, it is possible to go back to make changes. Preview of an incident summary.

This innovative smart assistant helps to categorize the criticality level of a request, prioritizing the most urgent cases, as well as redirecting requests to the relevant specialized support team, or to detect incorrect or duplicate tickets thanks to the real time auto-diagnosis test, which helps to avoid wasting time and optimize support team activities.

MINOS is operated by a local and specialized 24/7 technical support team with a deep knowledge of our customers’ technology and business. This allows them to preempt the criticality level that an incident may have for a business, take the relevant measures, and keep customers informed.

JSC Ingenium maintains its commitment to R&D, developing tools that work in an integrated way and in real time, to keep growing day by day. MINOS is integrated, on the one hand, with the smart monitoring and diagnostic tools Pharos and Brain, and on the other hand with the ticketing platform, which allows it to fully track the incident. Thanks to these resources, the company optimizes the work of the teams involved and the speed and form of the resolution process, ultimately improving customer satisfaction.

About JSC Ingenium
The telecommunications engineering company JSC Ingenium was established in 1996. It focuses on network hub technologies, business systems and tools for the optimum monitoring and operation of Mobile Operators – MNOs and MVNOs –, as well as fiber-mobile converging. JSC Ingenium’s portfolio encompasses a wide range of solutions for 3G & 4G Core Network infrastructure, Service Enablers and of course 5G.

Substantial efforts in R+D are being made by JSC Ingenium, which allocates more than 45% of its own technical resources to this area. Nowadays the company is firmly committed to 5G technology and its absolutely disruptive philosophy, together with its capacity to create a new concept in mobile networks.

JSC Ingenium currently operates in 15 countries worldwide, from the Middle East to Latin America, including a number of European countries, such as Spain, Italy, the United Kingdom and Poland. The company offers its services to more than 60 different MNOs and MVNOs globally.

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