Airmob commits to Full MVNO to provide companies with the most comprehensive and professional communication services on the market

10 February 2021
JSC Ingenium - News: Client update - Airmob
  • Airmob trusts JSC Ingenium’s technology and service to make the switch to Full MVNO and offer 5G mobile telecommunications service.
  • Its mobile strategy in the short term also involves strengthening its multi-operator offering and providing a direct service integrated directly with several national MNOs.
Airmob, a French operator with headquarters in Toulouse, specializes in providing landline, cellphone and 4G Internet services exclusively for companies. It has a customer base of more than 2500 organizations, among which are some of the country’s main firms, such as Air France, Renault, EDF (Électricité de France) and Ubisoft.

Currently, Airmob offers cell phone services through resale agreements with Orange, SFR and Bouygues Telecom, enabling their customers to choose which mobile network coverage they wish to operate. In 2020 Airmob decided to go further and become a Full MVNO with the aim of providing a comprehensive triple-play convergent service and launch its new 5G mobile service offering as soon as possible.

The decision to become a Full MVNO lets the company have the greatest levels of independence, autonomy and flexibility to fully guarantee the service, and especially to be much more competitive in terms of price, quality of service and ability to deploy new added value services for customers.

In a first phase, Airmob will start providing services on the Orange radio network in France with the firm intention to work with a second national MNO in the short term. This will let it offer a complete and direct national multi-operator service. This decision entails a substantial change in terms of its current multi-operator offering that will allow it to set better service conditions and have greater control over the service.

JSC Ingenium will be in charge of deploying its Full Core/BSS/OSS 2G/3G/4G technology, which is also ready to operate on 5G, and integrating all the MVNOs. In the agreement reached, Airmob has delegated to JSC all daily operational activities, such as products, routing, configurations, pricing, promotions, etc. This will assure cost-efficiency and service quality.

About Airmob
Founded in 2016, Airmob is a Telecommunications Operator specialized in business services. The company, a pioneer in fixed 4G Internet connection solutions, is known for the use of mobile technology to offer greater flexibility to its customers (installation time in D+1, without time commitment).

It was the first MVNO to offer SIM cards associated to fixed IPs. It implemented an IP-Centrex and connected it to a multi-operator mobile platform.

In 2019 it launched an unprecedented solution for landline that combines a wide range of functions with the simplicity of a smartphone application.
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