JSC Ingenium analyzes the opportunities for an IoT MVNO and presents the success story of Alai Secure

15 October 2021
JSC Ingenium - News: Event MVNO NATION 2021
  • JSC Ingenium attends as sponsor and guest speaker at the 2nd edition of MVNO Nation.

JSC Ingenium attends as sponsor and guest speaker at the 2nd edition of MVNO Nation “Trackling IoT business model”, to be held virtually on October 21 at 02:00 P.M. BST. A special day that will feature exclusive presentations by top-level professionals within the sector, which will try to shed light on everything that concerns the IoT ecosystem so that the business model of the MVNO is competitive.

Santiago Gómez, Commercial Director of JSC Ingenium, will make the presentation “Strategies for an IoT MVNO. Success story of Alai Secure, the first M2M/IoT Operator in Telco Security”. A presentation designed for those MVNO interested in offering M2M/IoT services in different verticals. Santiago will analyze the most interesting main strategies, positioning and verticals to follow for those MVNO that are interested in offering M2M/IoT services and will expose the technological keys that any IoT MVNO must keep in mind.

In addition, Santiago will present the success story of Alai Secure, the first MVNO M2M/IoT specialized in Telco Security that operates in Spain, Colombia, Chile and now also in Peru, over JSC Ingenium‘s M2M/IoT technology. Alai has experience in the management of mission- critical communications in sectors such as Private Security or social health. He also has experience in other verticals such as smart cities, energy, vending, elevators and telemetry, among others. “The success story of Alai Secure is key to understanding, from experience, those elements that have been fundamental to position the company as a reference MVNO M2M/IoT in Telco Security within the market”, Santiago highlights.

The 2nd edition of MVNO Nation aims to expose the possibilities that arise within the IoT ecosystem for MVNOs. Analyzes details such as market entry, the investment they must make, the vital security to guarantee their communications and other essential information to develop a successful value proposition and succeed within this ecosystem.

About JSC Ingenium

The telecommunications engineering company JSC Ingenium was established in 1996. It focuses on network hub technologies, business systems and tools for the optimum monitoring and operation of Mobile Operators – MNOs and MVNOs –, as well as fiber-mobile converging. JSC Ingenium’s portfolio encompasses a wide range of solutions for 3G & 4G Core Network infrastructure, Service Enablers and of course 5G.

Substantial efforts in R+D are being made by JSC Ingenium, which allocates more than 45% of its own technical resources to this area. Nowadays the company is firmly committed to 5G technology and its absolutely disruptive philosophy, together with its capacity to create a new concept in mobile networks.

JSC Ingenium currently operates in 15 countries worldwide, from the Middle East to Latin America, including a number of European countries, such as Spain, Italy, the United Kingdom and Poland. The company offers its services to more than 60 different MNOs and MVNOs globally.