What is digitalization? How does it improve customer experience?

JSC Ingenium - Glossary: What is digitalization? How does it improve customer

The world has changed drastically in recent decades, particularly since the emergence of new information and communication technologies. In this context, digitalization is one of the most profound changes because it involves the profound modification of a series of daily habits and historically established practices.

JSC Ingenium, Network Infrastructure solutions for MNOs and MVNOs, tells you how digitalization improves the customer experience and what the future is.

What is digitalization?

Generally speaking, digitalization is a process through which digital technology is incorporated into the economy, social life, cultural practices and the entire scenario of human experience. 

The use of this concept began in the mid-1990s, to define the change that the arrival of the Internet would bring to all areas of social and economic life. 

Digitalization in companies

In companies and organizations, the transition from an analog to a digital world was a real challenge. Even today we can see problems and shortcomings in some firms and entities, which apparently do not want to fully join the digital economy.

In reality, the decrease in costs in companies was one of the most positive and transcendent consequences of the digitalization of the economy. The deep digital revolution has decreased spending in areas such as labor, production or corporate travel.

This already means multiplying the productivity of companies, but also digital services themselves are cheaper than analog ones, consequently opening up an unlimited number of possibilities for new businesses and ventures. 

How does it improve the customer experience?

At JSC Ingenium we are starring the change towards the digital universe. From the users and customers side, the benefits have also been transcendent.

First, digitization provided free access to a set of information that was previously impossible to integrate: now customers can decide their purchases using a dataset they previously couldn’t access quickly. 

On the other hand, digitalization also significantly simplified the operation and administrative procedures, something that was very evident during the last coronavirus pandemic, when all the procedures became digital “by force”.

The future of digitalization and telecommunications

In a scenario in which money becomes more digital every day and paper seems to expire, the future allows us to glimpse even deeper changes, thanks to new mobile technologies, augmented reality or Artificial Intelligence, inter alia. 

In the field of telecommunications, the revolution generated by smartphones could lead to a total integration of communications and digital devices in everyday life, for example through home automation and the so-called Internet of Things.