Virtual SWITCHBOARD: What is it? Types and prices

JSC Ingenium - Glossary: virtual swi Virtual SWITCHBOARD: What is it?

Business communications are increasingly complex, platforms are multiplying, a large number of lines must be managed, 3G, 4G and 5G networks coexist… At JSC Ingenium, Network Infrastructure solutions for MNOs and MVNOs, we want to inform you about what a virtual switchboard is, what are its types and its prices.

What is a virtual switchboard?

A ‘virtual switchboard’ or ‘virtual PBX’ is a cloud communication system using IP telephony, which provides telephone lines to companies and handles calls related to those lines. It is very useful in the field of teleworking and allows a company to concentrate all its communications in one place: calls, messaging, enabling new lines…

Types of virtual switchboards

There are different types of these communication centers, which use the Internet for their operation:

Basic Virtual PBX

Companies working with this kind of virtual switchboard have different telephone lines, which are operated through IP phones. The system may also include the use of applications and webphones, using mobile devices and computers.

Mobile Virtual PBX (native)

The difference of this variant is that the communications of the switchboard can be specified from mobiles, and without the requirement of the Internet. They are common in companies that operate with corporate teams and seek quick and easy communication between the members of the work team.

Multi-site Virtual PBX

They focus on the communication and integration of the different headquarters of a company: in this way, it is possible to unify the entire corporate system and simplify internal communications.

Virtual PBX for freelancers

This virtual switchboard is designed for a specific type of user: the freelance workers. This equipment allows them to receive calls in the switchboard and thus improving their image before customers. Typically includes unlimited calls and a data plan on a mobile line, landline and PBX with full functionality.

Price of a virtual switchboard

What is the price of a virtual switchboard? Everything will depend on several factors, such as: 

  • The equipment to be used.
  • The number of extensions connected to the switchboard.
  • Whether or not calls are included.
  • Wether or not complementary services are contracted.

Depending on these factors, average prices are as follows:

  • Basic virtual switchboard with 8 extensions, 49.99 EUR / month.
  • Mobile virtual PBX, with 8 mobile plans and a fixed line, 89.99 EUR / month.
  • Unlimited virtual SWITCHBOARD, 119.99 EUR / month.