What is and how does an LTE COMPACT CORE work?

JSC Ingenium - Glossary: What is and how does an LTE COMPACT CORE work?

With the communications industry moving towards increasingly complete LTE networks, it is important to gain much more experience about everything that surrounds this technology. In this regard, LTE compact Core networks offer a cost-effective and optimal way to become familiar with LTE and innovative broadband applications. 

Therefore at JSC Ingenium, provider of services and solutions for MNOs and MVNOs, we bring you a post dedicated to LTE compact Core and how this technology really works. You can’t miss it!

What is LTE?

Acronym LTE (Long Term Evolution) refers to the wireless broadband technology whose function is the transmission of data to allow access to the internet of mobile devices. In other words, this method is employed for downloading and uploading high-speed data from the main network. 

It was created by 3GPP, and it’s basically an evolution of 3G without reaching the next level, 4G. The main advantage of LTE at the time of its launch was the incredible increase in browsing speed. 

Then, what is LTE compact core?

LTE compact core consists of a system composed of 2 main devices: EPC (Envolved Packet Core) and the LTE network management system, EMS (Element Management System). Its purpose was to create a compact LTE system for medium- and small-class communications operators.

On the one hand, EPC supports that they comply with 3GPP LTE version 9 and in a single box. On the other, it allows the installation of a universal operating system, and a general hardware platform such as the ATCA server (Advanced Telecommunication Computer Architecture).

Features of LTE Compact Core

JSC Ingenium’s LTE Compact Core has certain unique features that other LTE systems do not have. Learn about the features of LTE Compact Core. 

This system allows the assignment of both dynamic and static IP addresses, as well as integration with other fixed networks, Wi-Fi, WIMAX or 3G, and full integration with Firewatch, the most powerful solution created by JSC for policy and collection management and Integrated DPI Light (Deep Packet Inspection).

In the case of remote places with few inhabitants, such as mountainous areas, underground locations such as in the mining sector, or in agriculture, these types of LTE Compact Core solutions can provide both coverage and integration.