MVNE: ¿What is it? Advantages and how to choose it

JSC Ingenium - Blog: MVNE, what is it? Advantages and how to choose it.

MVNEs connect providers and operators that do not own their infrastructures. MVNEs play a key role in helping MVNOs establish themselves in the market on a low budget. Before deepening into the topic, in JSC Ingenium, provider of Network Infrastructure solutions for MNOs and MVNOs, we will start by first defining what an MVNE is.

What is an MVNE?

An MVNE is an organization that provides network infrastructure, operations support system, administration, and other services related to MVNOs.

At the same time, it allows MVNOs to offer various services to their subscribers using specific brands. MVNEs ensure network enablement platform services, and have no direct relationship with subscribers.

Advantages of using MVNE

The main advantage of MVNEs is their incredible implementation, management and planning of mobile services. By resorting to the services of an MNVE, an MVNO recovers much faster with minimal upfront costs. In addition, MVNEs offer reduced time costs as they host multiple MVNOs within a single platform.

In this way, a reduction in the total cost of operating the MVNE is achieved. An optimal MNVE should provide configuration and provisioning of SIMs, CRM, value-added service platforms, and billing to the customer.

How to choose the right MVNE?

Despite their numerous functions, it should be borne in mind that not all MVNEs have the same level of experience or service. Therefore, choosing an MVNE is a decision that should not be taken lightly.

Below we expose all the points that you must keep in mind when choosing the ideal MVNE.

  • Network: the enabler must be connected to an MNO with a strong reputation. The services and products offered by MVNOs must be as good as the network they employ.
  • Experience: make sure the company you partner with has numerous success stories to tell as well as years of industry experience.
  • Financial flexibility: find an MVNE that meets your financial needs. A perfect company should be affordable in terms of prices, which will ensure that you don’t spend too much of your budget.
  • Platform: an MVNE must provide the right tools to manage your products properly. An efficient and reliable platform is essential to keep users satisfied.

JSC Ingenium’s MVNE technology provides the necessary infrastructure to companies that have mobile phone services they want to offer, and to those that are already operating and want to become a Full Operator in order to have a higher level of independence and flexibility.

JSC offers full 3G/4G Core network, BSS solution complete and integrated with the Core Network, total isolation between Host and Virtual networks that allows changes in the MVNE, coexistence of 4G and conventional networks, and much more.