JSC Ingenium successfully completes its CORE R5 R + D project

3 January 2018
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  • Last November, JSC Ingenium undertook the technical justification before the CDTI for its latest research and development project entitled “CORE R5, new tools for the technological leap to Tier 1 operators”.

“The original idea for ​​undertaking this project”, says José Losada, Director of R + D at JSC Ingenium, “emerged in early 2015 as a result of the company’s need for a new generation of software – CORE R5 – capable of handling projects for mobile or landline operators with more than one million subscribers without any problems. It has been more than 18 intense months of work, in which we have successfully achieved a large proportion of the initial objectives. We have also identified new lines of work and research for the future, which we hope to be able to undertake in the coming months”.

Eliminating or reducing technical dependence on third parties, increasing the processing capacity of the components and enhancing their scalability, creating new automated diagnostic and verification systems and increasing the degree of reliability of the network’s core elements are some of the main objectives involved in the CORE R5 project, which all have a common denominator: maintaining the systems’ current level of flexibility.

This is the third R + D project presented to and approved by the CDTI in the last eight years. “We have made a huge effort in this regard in a very short time,” says José Losada. This effort has enabled us to position ourselves as a leading provider of infrastructure and network services at Spanish and international level, and has led to an increase in personnel and turnover that has multiplied exponentially since 2010″.

The investment in R + D has been a clear distinguishing feature of the company, which at some points has allocated up to 45% of its resources to this area. This essential part of its DNA has allowed JSC Ingenium to grow and compete by carving out an undisputed niche for itself in a sector which until just a few years ago was an undisputed monopoly for large multinational corporations such as Ericsson or Huawei.

* Unlike other occasions, the CORE R5 project has been financed entirely with funds from the CDTI.

About CDTI

The Centre for Technological and Industrial Development is the agency of the Spanish Ministry of the Economy, Industry and Competitiveness that is responsible for promoting innovation and technological development among Spanish companies, channelling requests for financing and support to the R +D +i projects carried out by Spanish companies in Spain and internationally. The CDTI is celebrating its 40th anniversary in 2018, as the main driving force behind the support and financing of Spanish business R + D and innovation.