Groundbreaking Alliance: JSC Ingenium, CleverEnable and 50+ Mobiel, set to propel the Dutch MVNO market

27 February 2024
JSC Ingenium - News: Groundbreaking Alliance: JSC Ingenium, CleverEnable and 50+ Mobiel, set to propel the Dutch MVNO market
  • The agreement will enable CleverEnable to enhance its service to 50+ Mobiel by providing higher voice quality and faster call set-up through JSC Ingenium‘s solution.
  • The strategic partnership will empower CleverEnable and 50+ Mobiel to strengthen their Dutch operations and foresee a bright future, paving the way for continued business expansion.

JSC Ingenium a global 4G/5G core & BSS provider for CSPs, announced a groundbreaking collaboration with CleverEnable, the new Dutch Mobile Virtual Network Enabler (MVNE) platform. This strategic partnership marks a significant milestone for CleverEnable, demonstrating both its commitment to improving the mobile experience for its Mobile Virtual Networks Operator (MVNO) customers and its own ambitious growth plans.

This collaboration reflects CleverEnable’s anticipation of significant business growth driven by the impressive growth of 50+ Mobiel, who will be the first MVNO hosted on the company’s platform in the Netherlands.

“This collaboration reflects our commitment to providing innovative solutions that cater to the evolving needs we are seeing the Dutch market demand. We are confident that this partnership will be mutually beneficial, enabling us to deliver exceptional value to our customers and achieve our ambitious growth goals” said Christian de Kok, CEO of CleverEnable.

“We’re thrilled to join forces with CleverEnable and JSC Ingenium in a strategic alliance to elevate the mobile experience for our MVNO customers. This collaboration unlocks significant growth potential, not just in the Netherlands, but also in neighboring markets, solidifying our position as a major player in the region” said Edgar de Beule, CEO of 50+ Mobiel.

Future proof solutions

JSC Ingenium’s advanced core mobile technology and VoLTE IMS solutions play a critical role in meeting the unique needs of 50+ Mobiel’s users, including:

  • Improved voice quality: VoLTE ensures crystal clear voice quality, providing users with a more natural and life-like communication experience.
  • Faster call setup: VoLTE significantly reduces call set-up times, enabling faster and more responsive connections.
  • Seamless multimedia integration: IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) integration allows users to seamlessly switch between voice and multimedia services during a call, enhancing the overall communication experience.

As CleverEnable and JSC Ingenium work together to implement these advanced technologies, users can expect a more reliable and feature-rich mobile experience tailored to their unique communication needs. Looking to the future, both companies are exploring the possibility of expanding their partnership, recognising the global potential for tailored mobile services for the mature demographic.

“At JSC Ingenium, we are committed to our customers and providing them with operational solutions that are ready for the future. Our core mobile platform, fully cloud-native, is designed to enable 50+ Mobiel to provide the best service to its customers on current networks – even the so-called legacy 2G/3G – and on future networks (5G SA)”, said Alfonso Reillo, MVNO Sales director of JSC Ingenium.

About JSC Ingenium

JSC Ingenium is a global 4G/5G Core & BSS vendor for CSPs. Founded in 1996, the company is building the future of telco by delivering entire operation and management solutions to all kinds of Communications Service Providers (MNOs & MVNOs). Its offering includes a wide range of 3G, 4G and 5G Core Network technologies and Service Enablers, combined with business support systems (BSS) and tools for the supervision and operation of Mobile Operators.

JSC Ingenium makes a very strong effort in R&D, to which it allocates more than 45% of its technical resources. Currently, JSC Ingenium is firmly committed to 5G technologies, its philosophy -completely disruptive- and its ability to create a new concept of mobile networks.

Today JSC Ingenium has operational deployments in 20 countries worldwide, from Asia to Latin America, including major European countries, such as Spain, Italy, France and the UK, serving +100 operators worldwide.