What is the trend of MVNOs in Europe?

JSC Ingenium - Blog: What is the trend of MVNOs in Europe?

With the drastic changes in trend that have recently occurred in Europe, more and more users are turning to their mobile devices to keep their daily activity under control. This is possible mainly through IoT and other applications. Several studies indicate that the MVNO market in Europe and other regions of the world will reach an estimated volume of 94.82 billion by 2025.

This growth is directly related to the daily use that is given to mobile devices around the world. So, how will the MVNO sector evolve to meet the growing user demand? In JSC Ingenium, provider of services and solutions for MNOs and MVNOs, we tell you.

5 Tips to Meet Growing User Demand as MVNO

Alliance with the right MVNE

The success, or sometimes failure, of an MVNO is due to the selected MVNE. Therefore, it is necessary to have a trusted MVNE to establish a good relationship with the right MVNO. A suitable MVNE allows you not only to enjoy financial flexibility, but also to create a flexible platform that has excellent tools that will help you manage your subscribers and services.

Market definition

As the European market continues to grow, MVNOs need to look for different ways to differentiate themselves from the competition. An excellent idea is to find a specific niche market, and offer what it requires. Finding a niche usually comes down to finding a market within reach of traditional marketing methods.

Employ the right technology

It is estimated that 48.3% of MVNOs will invest in a new technology in the coming years. Once this planning phase is successfully completed, then you will be able to know exactly what type of technology will be needed.

Focus on operational and customer excellence

Companies such as Apple and Amazon have made their consumers expect a high level of quality and service. Customers have limited patience for delays and operational failures.

In addition to demanding excellence, customers will also expect speed. If your company doesn’t meet your customers’ expectations, then it’s pretty easy for customers to switch to another MVNO. It is very important to have good technology.

Base the business on users

Many companies tend to make the mistake of basing their businesses on their respective needs rather than focusing on customer needs. Responsible MVNOs clearly understand that everything must be channeled to the customer: value-added packages, customer service, useful products and operational processes.