M2M Solutions for Mobile Operators

JSC Ingenium - Blog: 3.	M2M Solutions for Mobile Operator

M2M solutions for mobile operators from JSC Ingenium, network infrastructure solutions for MNOs and MVNOS, have been designed so that mobile operators can quickly and cost-effectively meet the different M2M communication needs of companies, thus being able to offer very different levels of customization according to the specific needs of each of the verticals.

M2M/IoT Platform for Mobile Operators

We have a platform that allows mobile operators to meet the wide and growing demand of device manufacturers and integrators, both from the point of view of connectivity and M2M services, which are increasingly complex and specialized, providing:

  • Flexibility to meet the demand for new business models and high levels of demand, as well as to adjust to all changes that may occur in the industry or in the competition.
  • Profitability in operations, so that a competitive solution can be offered for the market while optimizing the operation of the service.
  • Maximum security since it isolates the network from the operator and protects it against new implementations.

OSS System

At JSC Ingenium we have the highest and most complete range of tools, both for supervision and operation:


Real-time tracking that shows all the movements of the service and identifies any type of incident that may occur, in real time.


Intelligent support system designed to both streamline and simplify any brand support task as much as possible, while identifying the root causes of incidents.


Intelligent help system for operators that guides customer service when notifying or opening any incident, in a fast, comprehensive and structured way.