Activation of the Business Continuity Plan COVID-19

11 March 2020
JSC Ingenium - News: Business Continuity Plan COVID-19
Dear customer,

Due to the rapid increase over recent days in the number of cases of infection related to coronavirus (COVID-19), we would like to inform you that on Tuesday 10th March we activated the Business Continuity Plan. The aim of this decision is two-fold: firstly, to ensure service continuity at all times to our customers, and secondly, to protect our employees’ health from the risk of infection from this new epidemic.

The activation of the Business Continuity Plan has been carried out on a normal basis without affecting the service at all. Since Tuesday 10th March at 00:00, all employees of JSC Ingenium have been undertaking their daily tasks remotely from home. The Company has provided its staff with the necessary skills and resources (equipment, communications, remote access…), as well as recommendations and information of their interest, in order to work normally on their daily activities.

At JSC Ingenium we would like to put in place all the measures that are at our disposal to avoid unnecessary and uncontrolled risks. In this sense, the Contingency Plan shall remain active until the situation improves and the relevant authorities recommend returning to normal. The entire staff at JSC is committed to the task and is actively cooperating in the execution of the plan.

Since we are aware of the inconvenience that these kinds of measures may cause, we kindly ask for your patience with this situation. We also urge you to exercise caution on all prevention measures.

Should you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us as usual.

Yours faithfully,

Sergio Cano