SUMA móvil to launch its VoLTE service on JSC Ingenium technology

22 February 2023
JSC Ingenium - News: Client update - SUMA móvil Colombia
  • SUMA móvil bets on VoLTE/IMS to modernise its technological platform offer for MVNOs.
  • The company anticipates the imminent switch-off of legacy networks – 2G and 3G – and thus becomes the first platform for MVNOs to offer its partner brands voice over LTE.
The decision by the transnational SUMA móvil, a subsidiary of Grupo Ingenium, responds to a two-fold strategy: on the one hand, to improve call quality, and on the other, to be prepared for the arrival of 5G and, in parallel, to face the much-announced switch-off of legacy 2G networks by mobile network operators.

According to Juan Carlos Buitrago, SUMA‘s Country Manager in Colombia, “the incorporation of VoLTE will allow all partner brands to offer an integrated voice service regardless of 3G, 4G or 5G access technology, significantly improving the user experience with 10 times faster connection times, more stable and better-quality HD voice calls, even in environments with a lot of interference, as well as lower battery consumption”.

SUMA móvil chose the technology of the parent group, led by JSC Ingenium, for the deployment of its Core IMS, mainly because of its strong commitment to containerised cloud technologies and the rapid experience it has gained worldwide, which will allow, in a first phase, to offer VoLTE services, and in the near future, to be ready to also offer VoWiFi -Voice over Wifi- and VoNR – Voice Over New Radio- services, or in other words, native calls in 5G. This solution will go a step further and further improve the user experience for end subscribers, who will be able to start a call in VoLTE and continue it over a WiFi network in an area without mobile coverage, in VoWiFi, and vice versa, without affecting the call quality, without interruptions or interference.

The solution deployed by JSC Ingenium is also designed to allow SUMA to prioritise voice traffic over the rest of the services through its QCI (Quality of Service Class Identifier) system. The QCI is designed to guarantee the Quality of Service, thanks to the possibility of distributing the types of traffic (live streaming, video, data, voice, etc.) on a scale of values to which priority is given. VoLTE traffic has a QCI equal to 1, which is the highest possible, so it has absolute priority.
About SUMA móvil

SUMA offers service in Colombia as a mobile services platform for Mobile Virtual Network Operators, helping and advising those companies that want to launch their own mobile telephony service with their own brand. The company started operations in Spain in 2010. It is currently present in Colombia, Chile and Peru, where it has more than 40 allied, deployed and operational brands, and is preparing its next commercial launch in Portugal in 2023.

SUMA móvil is a subsidiary of Grupo Ingenium Tecnología, a telecommunications holding company based in Spain. It has more than 25 years of experience leading technology innovation for Mobile Operators worldwide.